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Just a few days ago, Busch Gardens Tampa officially confirmed that the new Dragon Fire Grill will open to park guests on January 1, 2017, and will serve dishes from around the world. Yahoo is a casual dining restaurant in the heart of the park, just across the street from Lake Michigan and a short walk from the water. The new year is just around the corner and that includes a new addition to the smoky, smoke and fire-laden dining room of Dragon's Fire.

Zoom in on the link below to see a live panorama of the new Dragon's Fire Grill in Busch Gardens Tampa and surrounding areas.

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If you like international cuisine, be sure to visit one of the restaurants at Busch Gardens Tampa (below), including the beer garden, Bistro D'Orlando and Diner in the Garden. Please find below more information about all restaurants in Tampa, including restaurants. Orlando has many good restaurants, bars and bars as well as local hotels and restaurants. Follow Touring Central Florida on Twitter @ TourCentralFL and @ androckb and join us on our Facebook page.

This eclectic restaurant-style market is rated by many guests as one of the best places to eat in the beautiful park. The Station Garden is an ideal destination for those looking for a quick lunch, dinner or even a night out in Busch Gardens Tampa. This colourful mix of food, drink and entertainment in the station garden has something for everyone.

We have worked out the details for everyone to get what they want in one of the most popular areas of Busch Gardens station gardens in Tampa.

For a limited time, guests can choose from a variety of wristbands for a special event at the German Wyndham Hotel. Each wristband is an ID and includes access to a private tour of the hotel and free entry to the Busch Gardens Station Garden.

For a limited time, guests of this flexible deal can choose to stay at Baymont Wyndham Odessa for $75 per night or the WyNDham Hotel for a special event for just $50 per day.

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In its less than 250-year history, the city was occupied by the Soviets, Germans and the Ottoman Empire. The Odessa people proudly wave the Ukrainian flag today, but the Austro-Hungarian Empire ended after World War I and Germany began invading Russia, meaning that the map was certainly created for Operation Barbarossa. Take this opportunity to open your own hotel in Odessa, one of the most popular hotels in the world.

More About Nuremberg

More About Nuremberg