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The Albrecht Dürer - inspired hotel by Martin Behaim will open in Nuremberg in spring 2016 and will bring a breath of fresh air to the vibrant Bavarian city. The Park Plaza Nürnberg will be one of the best connected hotels in Germany, connected to the best-connected hotel and connected to neighbouring German and European cities by a motorway. In spring 2016, we welcome the arrival of 177 rooms at Park Plaza, which will accommodate 177 rooms with a total capacity of 1,500 rooms, the first time in Europe in a hotel of this kind. With its striking colour scheme of red, white and blue, this hotel will strike the perfect balance between modernity, modernity and the old world charm of a traditional hotel.

Durer, whose work has been influenced by both the southern and northern hemispheres, sets the creative direction for all 177 bedrooms, including suites, which are ideal for families. Each room has air conditioning, a bedroom with bespoke beds and luxurious linen pillow sets, and a modern and contemporary design that feels more like a hotel with its traditional elements than a traditional hotel. The hotel also has a state-of-the-art video conferencing system that connects up to 80 business people to video conferencing facilities.

A short walk through the famous Old Town will allow you to enjoy many cultural delights, including one of Germany's oldest Christmas markets. During the day, the hotel restaurant serves local cuisine and international dishes in the evenings. The city also hosts a variety of conferences and trade fairs, including the world's largest toy fair.

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Southgate added: 'When you're a young manager, especially when you learn so quickly, you don't appreciate the support of older managers who have experienced that before, but you have to learn and you can't control and interact with people in the same way. Southgate said: 'You can't check in with people in the same way, so you do it in a different way and that's really important.

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The 50-year-old spoke at length with Southgate and his team-mates at the club's training camp in Germany.

The Bavarian American Hotel is one of the most famous landmarks in Germany. The Park Plaza in Nuremberg became the first official hotel in the city since the end of World War II, and the US Army decided to base its officers there in 1995. The bar offers international and locally produced wines and beers, as well as modern cocktails, many of which have a Nuremberg touch. German, locally brewed, pure beer has put Nuremberg on the culinary map. During the Nuremberg trials, it was the headquarters of prosecutors and judges and was chosen after the war as the site of operations for the US Army in Germany, which, according to the hotel's website, stationed all its officers there until 1995.

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