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The Albrecht Dürer - inspired hotel by Martin Behaim is opened in Nuremberg and brings a breath of fresh air to the vibrant Bavarian city. Park Plaza Nuremberg will be one of the best connected hotels in the city, inhabited by the world's largest hotel complex and the first of its kind on a motorway connecting with neighbouring German and European cities. In spring 2016, the hotel will welcome its first guests with its 177 rooms, and in spring 2016, it will present itself with a new, striking and innovative design.

The bar offers international and locally produced wines and beers, as well as modern cocktails, many of which have a Nuremberg-inspired touch. The 5-star service is also offered in the hotel restaurant and bar with a full bar and private dining room. Bavarian lunch, you behave on the market place, try the sausages with sauerkraut and then end the day with an authentic "German pub experience" at one of the best places in Nuremberg.

If you stay in a standard room or one of the deluxe suites, WiFi is standard and there is a breakfast bar that will stay open until the morning after if you forget the Nuremberg night scenery. There is no charge for accommodation in standard rooms or deluxe suites, but you can immerse yourself in the local experience by visiting the city centre and other attractions you may have missed.

Nuremberg can be explored on foot or on a free bike in an entertaining way. Discover the city life by exploring the many paths that lead directly to the hotel grounds. If you travel frequently by public transport, you can buy tickets for public transport to save costs and check in at the same time.

Those who have time before departure can stop at the Nuremberg Railway Museum south of the city centre. The museum, which was built to preserve the railway technology and historical significance of the Deutsche Bahn, is considered the oldest railway museum in Germany.

The old town is dominated by the castle, which is actually a fortified medieval building on a ridge above the city, whose walls were supposed to symbolize the power and importance of the Holy Roman Empire. Within its walls there is an old imperial stable from 1495 with painted ceiling and a Romanesque double-height chapel in which the holy Roman emperor was worshipped.

There is a cheerful café and restaurants in the area, and of course you want to explore Nuremberg yourself, but not too much.

Conference facilities and rooms are also available, making this hotel ideal for both business and leisure travelers. For entertainment, you can check out the calendar of events or take part in guided tours that offer expert insider guides to Nazi sites or do the tours yourself. If you want to rent a car or recommend it to others, if you live in Nuremberg and want to see more Bavaria, we recommend a visit to our online partner Rentalcars.

Guests can enjoy local cuisine or international dishes every day in the hotel restaurants. For meals, guests have access to a variety of private dining rooms and a full-service restaurant. Self-parking and valet parking are available at the Nuremberg Hotel. Guests with a valid driving license can park for free.

Not all people in Germany speak English, so learning some basic German words and phrases is recommended. As in other countries, the locals appreciate that you speak at least a few German sentences and try to learn. Germanic crafts and artifacts, take a crash course and get ready for your next trip to the Nuremberg Art Museum.

A short walk through the famous Old Town will allow you to enjoy many cultural delights, including one of Germany's oldest Christmas markets. Just a 15-minute walk from Nuremberg Castle, there are many grocery stores to satisfy your appetite, as well as restaurants where you can eat. They offer not only a touch of real luxury in the heart of Nuremberg, but also modern spa facilities. Unlimited travel is available and you have access to all the hotel's amenities, including a spa, fitness center, spa and wellness area.

If you choose a restaurant, Opatija serves local cuisine to guests and locals. If you want to broaden your experience of the city's history with your accommodation choice, the Hotel Victoria Nuremberg welcomes visitors with the best of both worlds. This 2-star hotel is located in the Ibis, which can offer more than just a market hotel. The hotel is just a short walk from the famous Old Town and a few minutes from one of Germany's oldest Christmas markets.

The Academy of Fine Arts is culturally the oldest in Central Europe, and the Nuremberg State Theatre hosts operas, ballets and stage productions. When you explore the old town, you will not fail to see the medieval fortified structures that were responsible for protecting the city. A great view of Nuremberg is given by a tour of the castle.

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More About Nuremberg