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It has been a little over a year since I moved to Nuremberg and I am very excited to write about my new home.

Nuremberg may be famous for holding huge Nazi marches, but it is much more. It is located in the heart of Bavarian Germany, just a few kilometers north of the city of Munich. I don't even bother to walk to one of these restaurants because they are the best and some of them are among the "best" restaurants in Nuremberg.

So, this is another dish that you really want to try in Nuremberg, but it is not the same as what you get in Munich. Italian restaurant is the schnitzel I didn't see on the menu, I wanted to continue my search for traditional German cuisine elsewhere and so I made it my mission to say so and guide you through this wonderful traditional German cuisine from Munich to Nuremberg. Let's start with the old town, where we focus on typical Nuremberg snacks and the tasting of Bavarian beers. s Schnitzel is also available in Munich, but also in other cities in Bavaria, such as Stuttgart.

Nuremberg sausages are quite simple, just take a Weggla, a white bread, and put three small sauerkraut and sausages on top and stuff them into a white round bun. You can also stop by the sausage stand and get a "mocha," where you can cuddle three of them on white rolls, with a little acid or mustard if the latter can do it for you, or round it off with mustard.

This is Nuremberg pure and is due to its central location perfect for a day trip to Nuremberg. Munich and Nuremberg are great, and definitely worth a visit, but this is certainly one of the best places to stay in the area, even for ten days in Bavaria. Both are excellent places for a one or two week trip, so it is a great place to be seen in itself, especially if you are here for a longer period of time, such as a week or so, or even a few months. Both are amazing and worth a visit just for the food.

Nuremberg is beautiful at any time of the year, but Christmas markets are a fantastic time to visit, and here you can spend up to 48 hours in Nuremberg. One of my highlights on a trip to Nuremberg is the GoHo district in Nuremberg, which is full of shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, shops and of course a Christmas market. In and around Nuremberg there are numerous markets where you can get something to eat before running, from Christmas decorations to Christmas trees, Christmas lights to Christmas carols.

To stick to the Nuremberg sausage theme: In Schlemmer Eck you are right. German cuisine is, of course, generally known for its sausages, and these are some of the sausages that might have been tried elsewhere. Bratwurst, bockwurst and crackwurst with sauerkraut and horseradish, but also good Nuremberg sausages are to be expected. I'm a weckla, or three rolls, which loosely translates as "three rolls," And you can expect that in the form of a bok choy.

If you don't go to Franconia, you might as well try Nuremberg sausages, but I think they're not as good as Nuremberg. My first taste of Nuremberg sausage was in Behringer's Bratwursthausle, which is just around the corner from Sebaldus Church. While this place is actually known for its toys, you can also stroll through the market at the Albrecht Dürer Museum, which is located in the house where I actually lived, to experience some of the more delicious German dishes. One of my favourite things that keeps me on my toes through Nuremberg's old town

This Nuremberg sausage specialty is popular not only in Franconia, but also in bakeries and street stalls throughout the country and in many other parts of Germany and the USA. Rostbratwurst is also exported from Nuremberg to the world and is typically eaten as breakfast sausage. German cuisine, which can be eaten in many different ways, from breakfast to lunch to dinner and even on weekends.

The restaurant has been cooking Nuremberg roast sausages since 1313 and is the oldest sausage kitchen in Nuremberg. It is called the "oldest restaurant in Nuremberg," but some argue that it is probably not so, given its construction in 1380. This is just one of the many restaurants in and around Nuremberg, which offer a wide variety of different sausages and many different meats.

There are a few cat temples all over Germany, but the Nuremberg branch is as high as any. They are in a class of their own, especially in their hometown, and are subject to local laws that ensure that they meet a certain standard.

A trip to Nuremberg would not be complete without tasting one of the most popular dishes in Germany, the Nuremberg sausage. Although it doesn't look huge, this portion is so filling (with the exception of the Nuremberg sausages) that it was the nicest thing we ate on our trip. This little beauty can be tried in any restaurant in the city, as well as in a number of other places across the country.

More About Nuremberg

More About Nuremberg